Pet Ambassadors

Meet Deny(Dennie): MWD Retired

Deny (Dennie) is a Retired Military Working Dog. He served 8 years as an Explosive detection and patrol dog for the United States Navy!  He loves his country and proudly protects his family of conservative Republicans from the liberal hoards. He is a loving and gentle beast when respected and treated with dignity, but fierce when provoked to anger and a sense of danger is present. He plays by the rules and follows orders when going about the daily routine. But will step in front to the guard at the first hint of danger.  We still play with a bite sleeve to keep the skill set fresh in his mind. We still drill him regularly for his normal commands he followed his entire life. Deny is a proud conservative pet. 


Meet Axel. 

Axel is a conservative black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Much like Trump I have wonderful hair and I love America! Instagram @Axel_the_great_cavalier

Meet Sawkey!

She is a Shiba-Inu. She is Hachi’s Conservative sister. She loves Trump, our amazing country and can’t stand soy boys! She will not even speak to liberals! She’s a #MAGA conservative pup who loves wearing gear in support of our awesome President!

Meet Ace, the Golden Retriever and Fig, the Siberian Husky.

Ace and Fig are both rescue pets, just like President Trump who is rescuing America!
Meet Bentley!

Bentley is a Morkie (Maltese Yorkie) from the great state of Kentucky. Bentley displays all the qualities of his fellow conservatives. He consistently barks and stands his ground when others are trying to act in a liberal manner. He enjoys life and knows that nothing is free, even the food and water in his bowl. Bentley works hard to maintain his place in our family, but doesn’t like big government (large numbers of people in his home). Over time Bentley has learned his rights and responsibilities and understands they were given to him many years ago through sacrifices of many men and women just like his human dad that served for 26 years in the military.

Meet Jackson and Star!

Six-year old litter-mates, Jackson and Star, both Golden Retrievers, are the bravest ambassadors as they navigate their uber-liberal town of Marblehead, Massachusetts in their Trump collars and bandannas. They fearlessly stare down the sneers of the local townspeople as they proudly support the President.